We have a mission of “Connecting people to Jesus, the church and the world.” When people are connected to Jesus, the church and the world, they are more capable to being fully on mission for Jesus.


Diversity: Multi-Ethnic and Multi-Generational is who we are.

Relational: People mean more than the program.

Equip: We equip people with biblical teaching and leadership development.

Authenticity: We are real people with real problems and real needs.

Missions: We serve the city and world around us with the love of Jesus.


The Gospel: We believe the church is to declare and demonstrate the gospel in all we do. Because everything we do is shaped by our understanding of the gospel.

The gospel is far more than a individual get out of hell free card. It is the Good News that Jesus came and reconciled his people to God, that those who are Christians can have a personal relationship with Him. It also reconciles God’s people to one another so that we can be a living manifestation of Heaven on Earth. This manifestation of God’s people on earth is called the church! We are the church! Therefore the very nature of who we are begins and ends with the gospel!