The Why, What, Who, and How we are Eleven Sixteen

We exist to bring heaven to earth. 

We strive to be a place for people who have given up on church, for those who think the church has given up on them, and for those who aren’t even sure what they believe about God. We Strive to be a place where people from different backgrounds can come together around the story of Jesus and his love for us. We strive to be a church that serves and loves the city and world around us in Jesus name. No matter where you fall, Eleven Sixteen is a safe place to discover whatever you are looking for.

What We Do: Our Mission

We connect people to Jesus, the Church and the World. We call that our “UP, IN, and OUT” focus. We want people to be drawn upward into a relationship with Jesus, inward into a relationship with the people who make up the church, and outward into a relationship with the people who are in need in our city and all over the world.

Who We Are: The Core Values

For us their are five things that we make sure we are focused on at all times. They drive every decision that is made at our church. These 5 things are our core values. They are the heartbeat of who we are, and the 5 things we will never waiver on. These five values are Diversity (Multi-ethnic | Multi-Generational) Relationships (we put people over program) Equipping (we are growing people as they follow Jesus through biblical teaching and leadership development) Authenticity (there are no perfect people in the church) Missions (we are committed to serving other in our city and around the world).

How: Our Strategy

Our strategy is to engage people through our relational environments on Sunday mornings to help them begin a journey to follow Jesus. From there, we hope that people will be involved in a small group with diverse people, allowing them to share authentic life together. We use the Bible to teach and equip people on both Sunday mornings and in our small groups. Lastly, we encourage everyone to engage in the mission of Jesus, which is to serve and love those around them.